Cookies Policy

Cookies policy
Laura Andrea Huerta Bon informs about del uso of cookies in its website:¿Qué son las cookies? Cookies are files that can be download in your team through the Web pages. They are tools that make an essential papel for the provision of numerous services of the information society. Among others, they are on a website of Almacenar and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or the team and, depending on the information Obtenida, they are used to recognise the user and the Ofrecido service. Types of Cookies Según Quien Sea The entity that manage the dominio from Donde se envían the cookies y location los datos que obtengan se puedo distinguish two categories:

  • Own Cookies: Aquéllas that are on the device of the user from a team or domain managed by the owner and from which the service is provided by the user.
  • Third party Cookies: Aquéllas that are on the device of the user from a team or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but por otra entity que trata los datos obtenidos through the cookies. In the case of cookies Sean Instaladas from a team or Dominio gestionado por la Propio editor but information that is recovered Mediante sea managed by a tercero, not be considered as own cookies. There is a second classification, and the Plazo de tiempo permanecen in the navigator of the customer, Pudiendo tratarse de:
  • Cookies from Sesión: Diseñadas para collect y almacenar datos mientras el User accede to a Web page. They are Suelen employ para almacenar Información that solo interested conserve for the loan of the Servicio requested by the user in a single occasion (e.g. A list of products acquired).
  • Persistent Cookies: Los datos are almacenados in the terminal y Puedo be accedidos and treated durante a periodo definido por the responsible of the cookie, and that can go of some minutos to Varios años.


Finally, Existe Otra Hornbostel with six types of cookies segment the Finalidad for the betrayed Los datos obtenidos:

  • Cookies Técnicas: Aquellas that allow the user to navigate through a Web page, platform or application and the use of different options or services that exist in it, Por ejemplo, control the traffic and communication of data, Identify the session, Acceder a menú a parts de acceso restricgido, remember the elements that integrate a pedido, do the proceso of purchase of a pedido, perform the request for registration or participation in a evento, use elementos of security durante LA Navegación, Almacenar contenidos para la difusión de videos o sonido or share contenidos through Redes sociales.
  • Personalización Cookies: Permiten al user acceder a menú al servicio con dietitian characteristics de character General predefindas in function of a series of winger in the terminal of the user as Por Ejemplo Serian the language, the type of browser through which Access to the service, the regional configuration from the service, etc.
  • Analysis Cookies: Permiten to the head of the Mismas, the Seguimiento y analysis del behavior de los users de los Sitios Web to those that are linked. The information recovered Mediante this kind of cookies is used in the function of the activity Web, application or platform and for the selling of perrows of Navigación of the users of Dichos Sitios, Aplicaciones y plataforms, with the fin of Introduce Mejoras in Función Pública of the analysis of the datos of USO that hacen the users of the Servicio.
  • Advertising Cookies: It is possible to run the management, in the most effective way, of the other advertising spaces.
  • Behavioural advertising Cookies: Almacenan información del behavior de los users obtenida through the continuous Monterey de sus hábitos de navegación, what allows developed a specific profile to show Publicidad in function of the Mismo.
  • Cookies from external networks: it is used for visitors to interact with the containido of different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, linkedIn, etc…) and which are generated by the users of Dichas Redes sociales. The conditions of use of estas cookies and the information collected are regulated by the Privacy policy of the Correspondiente social platform.


Desactivación y Eliminación of cookies
Tienes the option of Permitir, block or delete the cookies installed in you team mediante the configuration of the options of the browser installed in SU team. When disabling cookies, some of the available services will be deactivated to be operativos. The way of disabling the cookies is different for each browser, but normally Puede hacerse from the menu Herramientas u Opciones. También Puede Consult the Ayuda menu of the browser Dónde Puedes met Instrucciones. The user can in Cualquier momento choose what cookies are that work on this website. Puede usted está en permitir, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer mediante the configuration of the options of the browser installed in SU system:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Safari:
  • Opera: además, también Puede manage the almacén of cookies in Su Navigator through tools as Las Siguientes
  • Ghostery:
  • Your Online Choices:


Cookies used in
Following is an identification of the cookies being used in this portal así como su tipology y función: Aceptación of the policy of cookies, asume que usted está en agree the use of cookies. No obstante, exhibition Información sobre su policy of cookies in the inferior part or superior of Cualquier page of the portal con every start of Session con El object that usted está en sea consciente. This information is possible to take the same actions:

  • Accept cookies: You will not see this warning in the access to the website of the portal during the presentation.
  • Search: The warning is hidden on the presentation page.
  • Modify SU configuration: Podrá obtener más información sobre que son las cookies, discover the cookies policy of: modify the configuration of your browser.